Thursday, September 30, 2010

Play Monster Truck Racing

Play Monster Truck Racing

Drive your monster truck around the tracks as you try to win the race against the computer Artificial intelligence players.

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TTM There is too Many

Play TTM There is too Many

Take control of a sword wielding knight, as she fights off lots of alien invaders across three action loaded and intense stages of hack and slash madness.

Participate in TTM There is too Many Online

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Play Airport Oasis

Play Airport Oasis

Airport Oasis is a time management game in which you must give the clients all the snacks, beverages and reading material they need in order to keep their happiness meter high. However, you better make certain you clean up the place if you want to advance!

Play the game Airport Oasis

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Play Motorcycle Show

Motorcycle Show

Is your closet ready for action? Take your look into high gear!

Have fun with Motorcycle Show Game

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cellular Defense

Cellular Defense Game

Fight off the enemies in three body maps which range in difficulty in this cellular tower defense game.

Play the game Play Cellular Defense

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Evil Asteroids

Evil Asteroids

Move the planets making sure that earth shoots at all the evil asteroids. Make use of the gravity to help aim your shooting.

Have fun with playing Evil Asteroids Online

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Play Ragdoll Spree

Ragdoll Spree

Launch your ragdolls against physics objects and buildings as you attempt to grab all the balloons.

Have fun with playing Ragdoll Spree Game Online

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Suitcase Skyway

Suitcase Skyway

Give your suitcase wings and let it fly Door to Door in Suitcase Skyway. Pick up stars and fly through hoops to increase your score. See how fast you are able to guide your luggage to its destination over 3 stages of fast-flying action.

Have fun with playing Suitcase Skyway

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Indiana Jones Cave Run

Indiana Jones Cave Run Game

Help Indiana Jones to run faster and faster! Hold your mouse button to jump. Hold longer to jump higher! Collect coins and don't fall!

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The Great Indian Quest Game

The Great Indian Quest Game

You have discovered the secret treasure of the Indians however you need to work hard and be quick to get the gold! Move 1 coin to a blank cell to match 3 or even more coins and turn the entire board to gold!

Have fun with playing Play The Great Indian Quest

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Pom Pom Girls Dress Up

Play Pom Pom Girls Dress Up

Click through the dress-up icons on the field to give this cheerleader a great look. When she is ready to start cheering, click Show!

Play the game Play Pom Pom Girls Dress Up Online

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Play Click Hero

Click Hero Game

Click Hero is a basic skill game in which players challenge each other to see who is the fastest mouse clicker on the planet!

Have fun with playing Play Click Hero Online

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Operation Desert Sabre Game

Operation Desert Sabre Game

The Gulf War begun with the operation known as desert sabre. Your objective is simple, eliminate the enemy and all of their tanks!

Play the game Operation Desert Sabre

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Play Robot Wants Ice Cream

Robot Wants Ice Cream Game

Robot & Puppy are heading to Happy Ice Cream Planet to obtain some ice cream! Sadly, when they finally arrive, things are not as they had hoped.

Have fun with playing Robot Wants Ice Cream Game Online

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Paradise Beach 2 Around the World Game

Paradise Beach 2 Around the World Game

Work your way to # 1 and control the building of the earth's leading seaside resorts in Paradise Seaside 2: Around the World!

Participate in Paradise Beach 2 Around the World Game

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Smiley Gems

Play Smiley Gems

Guide Smiley pick up gems using the mouse. Stay away from Chasers and Mines, and go for the highscore!

Play the game Play Smiley Gems Online

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Play Gearlock

Gearlock Game

In Gearlock game you must find many items and solve some puzzles. Good luck and have a great time!

Play the game Gearlock Online

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Tentacle Beast Game

Tentacle Beast Game

Fly making use of your jetpack as you pick up coins and avoid getting eaten by the tentacle beast.

Participate in Tentacle Beast Game Online

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Abandoned 3 Game

Play Abandoned 3

You had been told to never come to this abandoned area alone. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned area. Best of luck and enjoy the fun!

Have fun with playing Abandoned 3 Online

Mini Bike Craze

Play Mini Bike Craze

Attack the bugs which have surrounded you and also upgrade your character in this top-down flash action game. Ride your bike as you attempt to grab all of the stars in this amazing flash game.

Play the game Mini Bike Craze Online

Mole Control

Download Mole Control

The people of Molar Creek were living along with the region's moles for years, but now they’ve been set free in the city itself!

Play the game Mole Control

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Play Wish Fairy

Wish Fairy Game

This fairy will make all of your fashion wishes become a reality! Just take a look at her fantasy dresses and stylish, sparkling accessories!

Play the game Wish Fairy Game

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ReflexION Game

ReflexION Game

Use your mouse to move, space to change the color. Reflect the bullets back at the enemies and use momentum to aim! Press shift key to fling bombs, use control key to activate super mode.

Participate in Play ReflexION Online

Fashionista Dressup Game

Fashionista Dressup

Dress up the Fashionista girl in her most recent clothes.

Participate in Fashionista Dressup Game Online

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RubyBoom Game


Place the bombs in the correct locations so one or more detonates and wipes out the guy on the display screen.

Have fun with Play RubyBoom

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Street Racer Girl Dress Up Game

Street Racer Girl Dress Up

Racing is an exciting sport and this hot chic is going to involve herself in a competition. She would like to look gorgeous so assist her to dressup.

Play the game Play Street Racer Girl Dress Up

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jabberwocky Game


Control the Jabberwocky and guide the slimy creatures to safety through 25 bizarre levels featured in this bizarre world of slim.

Have fun with playing Play Jabberwocky Online

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Punk Girl Make Up Game

Punk Girl Make Up

Simply click on the dressup icons to view all the available options, and after that click on an item to apply it. When you're done giving the punk girl a fantastic look, click on Ready.

Participate in Punk Girl Make Up

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Incoming Game


Construct defenders, attempt to get rid of the required number of enemies on each stage, transfer your resources and upgrade your constructions in this great strategy game.

Play the game Incoming Game

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rescue Rabbits Game

Play Rescue Rabbits

Press space bar to shoot balloons and attempt to catch the falling rabbits. Do not forget to stay away from the obstacles along the way.

Have fun with Play Rescue Rabbits Online

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Museum of Thieves Game

Play Museum of Thieves

Click on the differences using the mouse. If you get stuck click on hint buttons. Play again to find new differences! Good luck and enjoy the fun!

Have fun with playing Museum of Thieves Game Online

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Play Fludo Game

Play Fludo Game

Jump from platform to platform as you pick-up yellow-colored balls and red-colored balls that affect gameplay.

Play the game Play Fludo Online

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Tails Nightmare 2

Tails Nightmare 2

Run and fly through the stages as you pick up rings and avoid enemies. Jump up walls, and grind on pipes.

Have fun with playing Tails Nightmare 2 Game

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Fashion Lover

Fashion Lover

Marco and Erica are a Spanish couple living in Madrid and they are crazy fashion lovers! They find the most up-to-date trends and dress up accordingly. What a hot follow... Pick a style for both and make them match each other.

Have fun with Play Fashion Lover

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Ice Cream Girl Game

Play Ice Cream Girl

This wonderful fashionista certainly enjoys going to the ice cream store and even has a vibrant chic wardrobe to sport when she enjoys her favourite dessert!

Play the game Ice Cream Girl Game Online

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Play Beach Cocktail Bar

Play Beach Cocktail Bar

I have just swimmed and enjoyed the cool water of the blue ocean and before I lay down on the warm sand, let me cool off some more with fresh and tasty drinks at this cocktail bar on the beach. Waitress! Will you please give me an icy lemon cocktail! There's nothing better than an icy cocktail on the beach to cool off when the sun is up above.

Have fun with playing Beach Cocktail Bar Online

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Letter Catcher

Letter Catcher Game

Try to press the dropping letters from the sky as fast as possible.

Have fun with Play Letter Catcher

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Play Kaboomz


In Kaboomz game, you will need to destroy all of the balloons with your cannon.

Have fun with Kaboomz Game Online

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stone Age Skater Game

Stone Age Skater

Ride your prehistoric skateboard as you pick up money to buy brand-new boards. Pick up as much meat as possible.

Play the game Stone Age Skater Online

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Envipulation Game

Envipulation Game

Pick up new items to shoot enemies, float after a jump, and turn on / off blocks that will help you complete the levels.

Have fun with Play Envipulation

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Play Crusade

Crusade Game

Adjust your cannon's power, ammo, and angle of your cannon. Kill all of enemies around structures.

Have fun with Crusade Game Online

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Fancy Mermaid Dress Up

Play Fancy Mermaid Dress Up

This mermaid wants a complete makeover. She needs you to make her look like a princess in the fantasy sea world which she lives in.

Play the game Fancy Mermaid Dress Up

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Gamezastar Open Tennis Game

Gamezastar Open Tennis Game

Play against best ranked tennis players, in a four stage tournament.

Have fun with playing Gamezastar Open Tennis Game Online

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Download Wispa Forest

Wispa Forest Game

Guide a Wispa, Lyia, save her mysterious world from a wave of corruption that is decimating the land in this entertaining Hidden Object game!

Have fun with Download Wispa Forest Online

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion Girl Makeup Game

Fashion Girl Makeup

This girl is going shopping with her boyfriends, please help her with the make-up, and then pick the most wonderful accessories and clothes to complete the whole look.

Play the game Play Fashion Girl Makeup

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Might Get Nervous 2 Game

You Might Get Nervous 2 Game

Attempt to dodge the red objects in this annoying on-line skill game.

Play the game Play You Might Get Nervous 2

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Perfect Detonation

Play Perfect Detonation

Click to remove items and make the two items touch to explode in this physics based online puzzle game.

Play the game Perfect Detonation Game

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Play Johnny Finder

Johnny Finder

Guide Johnny Finder to get back the Cup of Absolute Power that was stolen from the National Museum. Put your point & click skills to the huge test in this adventure type puzzle game. Best of luck and enjoy the fun!

Have fun with playing Play Johnny Finder Online

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Play Botwars Arena

Botwars Arena Game

Make it through as continuous wave of robots attacks you. Upgrade your gears and learn new skills as you level up.

Play the game Botwars Arena Online

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Play Labor Day Dress up

Labor Day Dress up Game

Labor Day is arriving. To celebrate this day, the school will hold a great dress up party. This pretty little girl will show up at the party, what should she wear for this exciting party? You're the one to decide! Enjoy!

Have fun with playing Labor Day Dress up Online

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